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Connecting with Jesus as an Enneagram 3

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A part of the Heart Triad, Enneagram 3s are known for their achievement-oriented, goal-oriented approach to life. Connecting with Jesus can help them embrace their true selves, find balance in their pursuits, and deepen their spiritual connection. By exploring the unique preferences and challenges of Enneagram 3s, people can learn to integrate their spiritual journey with their daily lives and find greater fulfillment and meaning.

Connecting with Jesus as an Enneagram 3

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that categorizes people into nine different personality types, each with its unique set of characteristics, tendencies, and preferences. Enneagram 3, also known as "The Achiever," is characterized by a drive for success, a focus on image and presentation, and a desire for recognition and admiration.

Enneagram 3s Preferences

Enneagram 3s tend to prioritize success and achievement in their lives, often focusing on their career, goals, and image. They are highly driven, competitive, and motivated to succeed, seeking recognition and admiration from others for their accomplishments. Enneagram 3s are often charismatic and skilled at presenting themselves in a positive light, but may struggle with authenticity and vulnerability.

Connecting with Jesus as an Enneagram 3

For Enneagram 3s, connecting with Jesus can offer a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning beyond external accomplishments and recognition. Jesus' teachings on humility, service, and love offer Enneagram 3s an alternative framework for success and fulfillment that is not dependent on external validation or recognition.

Enneagram 3s may resonate with Jesus' teachings on the dangers of pride and the importance of focusing on inner character rather than external appearance. By focusing on developing inner qualities such as love, compassion, and humility, Enneagram 3s can cultivate a deeper sense of fulfillment and meaning that goes beyond external success and recognition.

Overcoming Enneagram 3’s Challenges

Enneagram 3s may face challenges in connecting with Jesus due to their focus on external success and recognition. They may struggle with vulnerability and authenticity, fearing that revealing their true selves may jeopardize their image and success.

One way for Enneagram 3s to overcome these challenges is to focus on developing a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. By acknowledging and accepting their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, Enneagram 3s can cultivate greater authenticity and genuine connections with others, including Jesus.

Enneagram 3s may also benefit from focusing on the present moment and finding joy and meaning in the journey rather than just the destination. By shifting their focus away from external success and recognition, Enneagram 3s can cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude, contentment, and inner peace that can enhance their connection with Jesus.


Connecting with Jesus as an Enneagram 3 requires a shift in focus from external success and recognition to inner character and values. By developing greater self-awareness, vulnerability, and acceptance, Enneagram 3s can cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections with Jesus, enhancing their sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

What is an Enneagram 3?

An Enneagram 3 is a personality type characterized as the "Achiever" or "Performer." They are ambitious, goal-oriented, and success-driven. They often strive to be the best and can be competitive and image-conscious.

How can Enneagram 3s relate to Jesus?

Enneagram 3s can relate to Jesus by focusing on his message of love and humility rather than achievement and success. Jesus emphasized serving others and putting their needs before our own. Enneagram 3s can use their drive and ambition to serve others and make a positive impact rather than solely focusing on personal success.

What are some common struggles for Enneagram 3s?

Enneagram 3s can struggle with feeling a need to constantly perform and achieve, leading to burnout and anxiety. They may also struggle with valuing their self-worth based on external validation and success rather than their inherent value as a person. It can be helpful for Enneagram 3s to prioritize self-care and to focus on inner growth and personal fulfillment rather than external success.