Use your personality to connect with Jesus

A look into how our personality types can inform our Christianity.

It’s hard to live a full life without understanding our internal lives. It’s when we fully understand ourselves that we are able to love others the way Jesus wants us to love others. Each of us is designed just a little bit differently. No two people are exactly alike, even if they share personality traits. Our goal here is to help people understand themselves - their whole selves - and how they can apply that to their faith.

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These posts are for those who have been given bad advice. Maybe you've heard that you have to do devotionals in a certain way. That's just not true. We've each been created to connect to Jesus in our own unique ways.

Whole Christianity exists to help you understand how your personality preferences can help you connect to Jesus. You'll find resources including devotional ideas as well as general information about each Enneagram and Myers-Briggs types to help you discover your own personality preferences.

We want you to have the best spiritual life you can have, and we believe understanding yourself better can help you do just that!