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Understanding the ESTP: A Guide to the “Entrepreneur” Personality Type

A list of all 16 MBTI types with all but "ESTP" faded out. The header of the image reads "What do it mean to be an..." leading the reader to see ESTP as the completion of that statement.

In this article, we seek to provide a guide to understanding the ESTP personality type. Known as the "Entrepreneur" in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), ESTPs are described as practical, spontaneous, and action-oriented individuals who thrive in the spotlight. They have a strong ability for analyzing their surroundings in real-time and are known for their pragmatism and flexibility. While ESTPs may sometimes be impulsive or risk-prone, understanding their natural preferences can help them better understand themselves.

In terms of connecting with Jesus, ESTPs may resonate with hands-on experiences. They may feel a deep connection with Jesus when actively serving others in their community, emulating His actions of healing, feeding, and serving. Additionally, ESTPs can connect with Jesus through stories in the Bible that highlight His practical, problem-solving approach. Engaging with Jesus' life in active ways, such as acting out passages or creating songs about them, can also foster a connection. Lastly, ESTPs' love for community can be fulfilled through fellowship, sharing testimonies, participating in group worship, or engaging in lively Bible study discussions.

The ESTP Explained

ESTPs are often referred to as “The Doers,” “The Dynamo,” or the “Entrepreneur” type and for good reason. They're practical, spontaneous, and action-oriented. Most ESTPs love being in the spotlight. They’re often found right in the heart of the action, making sure everyone around them is having a blast.

ESTPs have a strong ability for quickly analyzing their surroundings and acting on it; they love real-time problem-solving. They're also known for their pragmatism and flexibility. Change doesn’t phase them much. In fact, they often thrive on it. ESTPs would rather live in the moment than worry about the future or dwell on the past.

Connecting with Jesus as an ESTP

Let's talk about your faith journey now. How can an ESTP connect with Jesus? ESTPs typically love hands-on experiences, and that's a great place to start.

You might find that you connect most with Jesus when you're actively serving others in your community. Jesus spent his time healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and serving those around Him; that’s action-oriented love in its purest form and it’s something that may resonate deeply with the ESTP. Find ways you can emulate Jesus by serving at your local church or another area ministry that allows you to do these very practical, hands-on acts of service.

You could also connect through stories in the Bible that highlight Jesus' practical, problem-solving approach. In your Bible study, think about how Jesus fed the 5000 or calmed the storm—practical solutions to immediate problems.

Also, consider studying Jesus' life in an active, engaging way. Instead of just reading a passage, for example, you might act it out, draw it, or create a song about it.

Finally, remember that ESTPs often love to be around people, and Jesus was all about community. You might find a deep connection with Him through fellowship with others, sharing testimonies, participating in group worship, or even lively Bible study discussions or small groups.

Embracing Your ESTP-ness

Being an ESTP means you're a dynamic, action-oriented individual who loves living in the moment. You're likely pragmatic, adaptable, and people-oriented. So go ahead and embrace your ESTP-ness. Dive into the action, serve your community, engage with the life of Jesus in a hands-on way, and enjoy the vibrant faith journey that awaits you. Remember, it's all about using your unique personality to deepen your relationship with Jesus and serve those around you. I hope some of what’s written here sparks ideas in you that help you connect with Jesus in a meaningful way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

How do ESTPs behave in relationships?

In relationships, ESTPs are often enthusiastic, energetic, and fun-loving. They value living in the present moment and enjoy sharing exciting experiences with their partners. ESTPs are usually straightforward and direct in their communication, and they appreciate the same honesty in return. However, they might struggle with long-term commitments and emotional depth, as they naturally focus more on the here-and-now.

What careers are typically suitable for ESTPs?

ESTPs thrive in dynamic, fast-paced careers that involve practical problem-solving and direct interaction with people. They might excel in roles such as marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, or emergency services. ESTPs can also be successful in hands-on professions like mechanics or engineering, where their logical and pragmatic approach to problem-solving is highly valuable.

What are the key traits of an ESTP personality type?

The ESTP personality type, often referred to as the "Entrepreneur," is characterized by extraversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving traits. ESTPs are known for their energetic, pragmatic, and action-oriented approach to life. They are adept problem-solvers, often using their keen observational skills and logical thinking to handle challenges. ESTPs are also very sociable, enjoying lively interactions and experiences.