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3 Devotional Ideas Based on Enneagram 3's Strengths

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Enneagram Type 3s can leverage their strengths to empower their faith journey. Goal-setting for spiritual growth, embracing vulnerability in prayer, and service through community involvement help Type 3s deepen their relationship with God and foster spiritual growth.

Enneagram Type 3s, also known as Achievers, possess a unique blend of motivation, determination, and adaptability. These natural-born leaders often excel in setting and reaching goals, making them valuable members of any team or organization. However, these strengths can be just as beneficial when applied to their faith journey. In this blog, we will explore three devotional ideas that celebrate and encourage the growth of Enneagram 3's strengths, empowering them to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus.

1. Goal-Setting for Spiritual Growth

Enneagram 3s thrive when they have a clear target to aim for, making goal-setting an ideal devotional exercise. To start, they can identify specific areas of their faith they'd like to strengthen, such as prayer, scripture study, or community involvement. Next, they can break down these objectives into smaller, manageable steps, allowing them to track their progress and celebrate their achievements. Finally, Type 3s should remember to maintain a balance between their spiritual goals and other life priorities, ensuring they don't neglect other essential aspects of their well-being.

2. Embracing Vulnerability in Prayer:

While Enneagram 3s are known for their determination and drive, these strengths can sometimes create an aversion to vulnerability. However, true spiritual growth requires openness and honesty before God. As a devotional practice, Type 3s can challenge themselves to embrace vulnerability in their prayer life. They can begin by setting aside time each day for personal, unscripted prayer, where they intentionally share their fears, doubts, and weaknesses with God. This exercise will not only deepen their connection with Jesus but also remind them that their worth isn't solely based on their achievements.

3. Service and Community Involvement

The strengths of Enneagram 3s can be a powerful force for good when directed towards serving others. Involvement in their faith community or volunteering for a cause they're passionate about can offer Type 3s an opportunity to leverage their talents for the greater good. Additionally, these experiences can provide a sense of perspective and gratitude, reminding them of the importance of humility and selflessness in their spiritual journey. As they serve, they will also forge stronger connections with their fellow believers, creating a supportive network that can encourage and uplift them in their faith.


Enneagram 3s have a unique set of strengths that, when channeled towards their faith journey, can lead to profound spiritual growth. By setting goals for spiritual development, embracing vulnerability in prayer, and engaging in service and community involvement, Type 3s can create a fulfilling and meaningful relationship with God that celebrates their innate talents and abilities. Let these three devotional ideas be a guide for Enneagram 3s as they continue to explore and deepen their faith.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

What is an Enneagram 3?

An Enneagram 3 is a personality type characterized as the "Achiever" or "Performer." They are ambitious, goal-oriented, and success-driven. They often strive to be the best and can be competitive and image-conscious.

How can Enneagram 3s relate to Jesus?

Enneagram 3s can relate to Jesus by focusing on his message of love and humility rather than achievement and success. Jesus emphasized serving others and putting their needs before our own. Enneagram 3s can use their drive and ambition to serve others and make a positive impact rather than solely focusing on personal success.

What are some common struggles for Enneagram 3s?

Enneagram 3s can struggle with feeling a need to constantly perform and achieve, leading to burnout and anxiety. They may also struggle with valuing their self-worth based on external validation and success rather than their inherent value as a person. It can be helpful for Enneagram 3s to prioritize self-care and to focus on inner growth and personal fulfillment rather than external success.