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How You Can Learn Your Personality Type

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This page provides recommendations for MBTI and Enneagram. We encourage you to use these assessments to better understand yourself and become better followers of Jesus.

Click here for assessment recommendations for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Click here for assessment recommendations for the Enneagram

Assessment Recommendations for the MBTI

16personalities is the most popular free assessment for the MBTI. There’s a lot of good information there that you can use to not only learn what your MBTI personality type is, but you can also learn about the basic, core information about the MBTI and your type. Whole Christianity seeks to expand on its information to equip Christians to be better Jesus followers once they have this information.

MBTI Online has a paid version of the MBTI assessment. If you prefer to get more information about your type and premium features, you may choose this assessment. However, we recommend 16personalities.com, especially if you are just beginning your MBTI journey.

Assessment Recommendations for the Enneagram

Truity has a free assessment and is the one we recommend. This free assessment along with the resources you’ll find here and in other recommended resources will be enough for you to figure out your primary number.

If you prefer a paid assessment, you can find one sponsored by Ian Morgan Cron at iEQ9’s website. A more affordable version can be found at the Enneagram Institute.


There’s no shortage of paid and free resources to help you identify your personality profile. We encourage you to dive in with one or both of the free assessments above and join us on this journey of becoming better Jesus followers by understanding ourselves better!

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